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Public Awareness Campaign

Youth Policy Institute


The Youth Policy Institute (YPI) is a nonprofit organization that has been providing services to low-income youth and families in Los Angeles since 1996. YPI is also the lead agency for the Los Angeles Promise Neighborhood (LAPN), a public-private partnership of 60+ organizations funded by a $30 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education. 


YPI engaged Hershey Cause Communications to help launch the LAPN initiative, establishing YPI as the lead agency. Hershey Cause created strategic communications plans for both YPI and LAPN to inform messaging, outreach plans and a branding and organizational identity relationship between the two entities. We provided media training for the executives in the organization and developed messaging so everyone in the organization could speak consistently about the programs. As part of the ongoing work, we continue to provide ongoing public relations and media outreach for both YPI and LAPN.