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Join Our Team! We are Hiring a Design Director

Design Director – Hershey Cause Communications

Hershey Cause Communications, one of the first mission-driven strategic communications agencies and a pioneer in the field of cause communications, has an exciting opportunity for an experienced and dynamic design leader who wants to change the world for the better.

The Design Director is responsible for providing a creative spark and executing quality print and web design. Hershey Cause Communications is a full-service agency, so it’s important that our Design Director have experience with – and mastery of – brand identity development and roll-out, print collateral, website architecture and design and e-newsletter design. The Design Director supervises a full-time Senior Designer and may work with designated Creative Directors, if necessary. A creative professional, the Design Director will have a great eye and a passion for design, and work collaboratively with the Marketing and Account teams. 

Critical Job Responsibilities

Creative Production / Account Management

  • Manage design resources including other designers, vendors, freelancers – including web developers
  • Coordinate with project manager on developing production schedules, staying one step ahead of workflow and staffing needs
  • Provide quality control on all design projects
  • Maintain digital files and paperwork
  • Production of print mechanicals
  • Oversee printers’ proofs and handle press checks

Design Skills

  • Produce consistently brilliant creative within set timeframes
  • Lead creative projects and manage / oversee design projects from start to finish
  • Lead and educate the staff in creative processes
  • Lead and creative direct photo shoots and location scouts if needed
  • Demonstrate web design and UX/UI savvy; keep up with latest trends and technology
  • Leverage design to provide solutions to client needs

Internal Marketing

  • Manage design and updates for internal marketing components including websites and e-newsletters (knowledge of WordPress is a plus)
  • Coordinate with project manager on design needs for new business proposals and pitches
  • Assist in the development of Hershey Cause capabilities and collateral materials
  • Participate in networking opportunities and represent the agency at relevant events and conferences

Minimum Requirements

Education and/or Experience

  • 5+ years agency experience
  • Experience supervising managing teams
  • Bachelor’s degree in communication arts, marketing and design or related field

Skills and Abilities

  • Strong portfolio across a variety of disciplines
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to build both solid internal and client relationships
  • Possess understanding of the marriage of words and pictures for a successful design project
  • Understanding of how a visual brand is executed across all mediums – print to digital
  • Experience directing complex and large scale projects
  • Expert in the use of typography, color theory, layout and communication across a wide variety of design deliverables (digital and print)
  • Demonstrates a critical user-based perspective for all design decisions
  • Proven ability to express complex ideas through design in innovative, clear and provocative ways
  • Attention to detail at the highest level with a keen eye for proofreading copy and content; excellent spelling and grammar skills
  • Very strong organizational skills
  • Agile, flexible and a solution based thinker
  • Works well under pressure and multiple deadlines managing overlapping projects and adapting to scheduling modifications
  • Able to communicate ideas effectively to and between creatives and non-creatives
  • Social media savvy
  • Proficient with prominent design applications:
    • Adobe Creative Cloud: InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, Photoshop
    • WordPress
    •  Mac/OS
    • Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, Powerpoint
    • Keynote

All team members should strive to consistently exhibit our core values and guiding principles.


The following are essential to Hershey Cause Communications as a company, in our work, with our clients, and within and among ourselves:

  • Consistent Timeless Quality. Best-in-class pros.
  • Intelligence permeates everything we do. Thoughtful.
  • Always thinking ahead. First to spot big ideas.
  • Excited about our work. Passionate about what we do.
  • A “realness” in ourselves, our work and our clients. Authentic.


The following are qualities that we embrace in our team and in our clients:

Positive                           Energetic

Approachable              Passionate

Accountability              Authenticity

Collaboration                Quality

Vision                               Clarity

Passion                           Honest

Diverse                            Humor

Creative                           Intelligent


About Hershey Cause Communications

Hershey Cause Communications is a mission-driven strategic marketing and communications agency that creates positive social change on behalf of companies, foundations, nonprofits and the public sector. Based in Los Angeles, the agency also provides communication tools and training to over 20,000 nonprofit organizations in over 25 countries. For more information, visit

If our mission and values align with yours, if your skills and experience match what we’ve outlined above and if you’re serious about having a positive impact on the world by using “Communications for Good,” we’d love to hear from you.

Please send resumes, cover letters and portfolio per the following instructions to Juliet Gifford at

  • Resume should include work experience, skills, education and salary history
  • Cover letter should include the following:
    • Why do you want to work at Hershey Cause Communications?
    • Why this position is attractive and would be satisfying?
    • What do you bring to this position? How do your skills and experience match the job?
    • Your desired career path
    • Portfolio of design samples

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POV: Come Heal or High Water

Well, it’s finally over. No matter how you felt about the candidates or whom you supported, we’re pretty sure everyone is glad that the worst, ugliest election cycle in recent memory is behind us.

Now that Election 2016 is history, no doubt there is work to be done on the causes we care about most. But we also think it’s important to stop and think about how much we, as Americans, share. We’ll spare you clichés about everyone wanting a brighter future for their children (which is of course true), but suffice it to say that much more still unites than divides us. And ultimately, we have to find ways to work together, live together and realize our common dreams and ambitions together. 

Before we can do that, we need to heal. At HCC we believe strongly that everyone shares a responsibility to bridge the enormous chasms that, truth be told, have always existed in the United States, but that have newly been laid bare through this election. That’s why, in the spirit of healing, we offer five steps we can all take to begin to find commonality, trust and ultimately hope for a better nation and a better world. After all, that really is what we all want.

1) Reach across the aisle. It goes both ways and we can’t solve any persistent problems without all sides doing their part.

2) Practice understanding and tolerance instead of demonizing those who think differently than we do. The country is divided because we have real problems. We need to get out beyond our usual circles and learn why others feel the way they do.

3) Stay constructive and positive. Posting/sharing/supporting ideas that just insult or belittle is never helpful. And rarely if ever has anyone changed his or her views as a result of a Facebook or Twitter post attacking what they believe.

4) Find the commonalities. Families. Pets. Activities. We are so much more alike than we are different.

5) Support the leaders who are bridge builders and are adept at conflict resolution. Better yet, “be the change” — become those kinds of leaders ourselves.

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New Solutions for a Familiar Challenge

As a communications professional, or as someone whose work touches communications, at a purpose-driven organization, do o you ever feel like you’re operating in a nonprofit bubble? You try to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the field, but most of the time it’s a full-time job just keeping up with the day-to-day demands of what’s happening at your organization. Or maybe one of the ongoing challenges you encounter is trying to understand – and then justify to your board – what staffing and communications resources are typical for an organization of your size. Sound familiar?

These are just a few of the scenarios communicators face every day. And the answers to these questions about what’s going on within and outside of your organization are important.

Knowing how you compare to peers can help you think through how to prioritize your own communications activities, identify what gaps may need to be addressed and also spark conversations internally about your organization’s unique needs and opportunities.

That’s why we updated one of our most popular tools to make it even more relevant for today’s nonprofit communicator. The redesigned Communications Effectiveness Quiz (which you’ll find, alongside many other free resources, on our Cause Clarity website) helps you assess your organization’s communications strengths and areas of opportunity. The best part is that you can filter your quiz results based on criteria such as organizational budget, state and staff size – giving you insights into how your organization compares to other nonprofits. It’s a great first step to finding the tools and resources that will help you become an even more strategic and effective communicator.

Here are some ways people who have taken the quiz are using the information in their own work:

• Build a solid case to executive leadership about why next year’s budget should include a Communications Manager

• Explore whether some different communications channels could help you reach and engage your target audiences

• Evaluate which metrics to track as your “key performance indicators”

• Identify an area you want to strengthen, then use the Resource Navigator to find some practical next steps for how to do that

• Tell a friend at another local nonprofit about the quiz, then get together for coffee to discuss where your results align, or don’t; share tips and keep an ongoing dialogue going

Taking the time to reflect on your organization’s communications practices and using these insights to drive strategy will help keep your efforts fresh, connected and poised for impact.

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Our New and Improved Cause Clarity Website

We are excited to announce the launch of our new and improved Cause Clarity website, which is home to an array of our free resources for nonprofits. Cause Clarity makes the power of good communications accessible to all. Be sure to check out our newest tool, the Resource Navigator, a “choose your own adventure” type-tool which guides yourself through a range of communications support options to find what is the best fit for your organizational goals. 

Here at Hershey Cause we are passionate about supporting the great work being done by nonprofits in Los Angeles and across the country. That is why we started our own nonprofit over fifteen years ago with a mission to provide free resources and tools to help nonprofits improve their internal and external communications and to aid in their capacity-building efforts. We take the best practices we have learned and honed through our consulting work and apply that to the creation of all of our tools.


As Hershey Cause nears its 40th anniversary next year we are excited to announce the launch of our new and improved Cause Clarity website, which is home to an array of our free resources for nonprofits. Cause Clarity makes the power of good communications accessible to all.

One of our newest tools is our Resource Navigator, a “choose your own adventure” type-tool which allows the user to guide themselves through a range of communications support options in order to choose the right resources based on their needs. For example, if the user needs help getting their CEO or Board Members to understand the value of strategic communications, they might refer to one of our articles such as “Communications Starts at the Top.” Or they might be best served by accessing our very popular Bite-Size Courses including our “how-to” videos and companion worksheets on key communications topics such as “How to Create a Core Message,” “HowWrite Your Social Media Plan” and “How to Get Better Media Coverage for Your Cause.” Cause Clarity is also where you can access our award-winning books and resources including our Communications Toolkit.

With the launch of the new site we have also updated and redesigned our Communications Effectiveness Quiz. Designed to help organizations assess their communications strengths and areas for opportunity, users can now filter their quiz results to see how their communications compare to other nonprofits based on criteria such as organizational budget, location and staff size. The quiz is a great opportunity for busy nonprofit leaders and staff to take a few minutes to evaluate their communications as a first step to finding the tools and resources they may need to help them be even more effective communicators.

Let us know what you think!

Your feedback matters to us – after all, these resources exist to help you get results. We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions for other tools you would like to see on our site. You can send all comments to us at

Happy exploring and remember communications help is just one click away!

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POV: Looking Where We Haven’t Looked

Finding solutions to the most daunting problems facing humanity is a hard job. Yet, if you’re receiving this newsletter, chances are it’s exactly the challenge you take on in your work every day.

At Southern California Grantmakers’ Annual Conference last month, we heard a story from Bryonn Bain of UCLA about legendary musician and activist Harry Belafonte. When he would misplace things as a child, Mr. Belafonte’s mother would ask him, “Harry, you’ve looked everywhere, but have you looked where you haven’t looked?” It’s a deceptively simple reminder that, when looking for answers, sometimes we should be looking exactly where we don’t think we need to. When it comes to solving big, pressing problems, this just might mean looking to the people, the places, the communities where we haven’t looked.

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