We are social

For nearly 40 years, Hershey Cause has been helping purpose-driven organizations amplify their impact through best-in-class counsel on strategic communications, fundraising and advocacy. Over that time, the worlds of nonprofits, foundations, government and for-profit business have all changed considerably: Mission-driven organizations increasingly operate like traditional businesses, giving due attention to bottom-line considerations, and many for-profit businesses pursue social benefit and multiple-bottom-line models in response to consumer expectations that businesses be good citizens.

We have contributed to this convergence not only by helping build better, stronger, higher-impact causes, but also by becoming the first for-profit/non-profit-hybrid social enterprise in our space. In 2010, we became one of the first B Certified organizations and we continue to exceed the standards set by B Lab.

It all adds up to walking the talk, engaging in purpose-driven practices that distinctly position us to thrive – and help our clients thrive – in an environment and at a time when causes matter more than ever.

We build and amplify impact for
social-benefit work using:

  • Capacity Building – Helping others learn is in our DNA. Our suite of free resources equips nonprofit leaders and social changemakers with the communications skills they need for today’s fast-paced, connected world. From “how-to” videos to quizzes and guides, our resources help nonprofits think strategically and harness tactics of high-impact communications to advance positive social change. Learn more about how we build a stronger and more effective social sector.
  • Consulting – We provide communications strategy and implementation services to our clients so they can make a bigger impact on the causes they care about most. Our research-driven approach combined with bold, creative thinking ensures that we put clients on a path that is ambitious yet actionable. As a result, organizations we work with have stronger brands, sustainable futures and a legacy of lasting impact. Learn more about how we can help your organization through our broad range of best-in-class consulting services.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – For companies interested in doing good, we provide strategy, implementation and impact analysis on how best to spend their corporate social responsibility (CSR) or environmental, social, governance (ESG) dollars to make the biggest difference. Our work with for-profit companies creates organization-wide alignment; builds brand recognition and trust; and most importantly creates better outcomes.

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We were the first social enterprise in our space and have been a pioneer in the field of cause communications, delivering innovative, customized, breakthrough solutions to our clients and partners for 40 years.

R. Christine Hershey

President and Founder, Hershey Cause Communications